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Bevel Gears

Brentwin Gear Company offer a wide selection of bevel gears. We can make these in a variety of materials including steel, brass, cast iron, tufnal, aluminium, bronze and plastic.

They can be used in a variety of applications, from the mechanism of a roller shutter door to their more involved use in cars.

Bevel gears can have three different types of teeth on the gears – straight, spiral or hypoid.

  • Straight teeth are the simplest type but result in an abrupt transfer of force when a new pair of teeth come in to play. 
  • Spiral bevel gears reduce this initial impact by having their teeth formed along spiral lines so that the contact between the teeth starts at one end of the gear and then spreads across the whole tooth.
  • Hypoid gears are somewhere between a straight-cut gear and a worm gear and are commonly used in car differentials. 

We can manufacture bevel gears to any pitch, with diameters from 3mm to 600mm and have experience of working with a large amount of reputable organisations, including Jaguar and Rolls Royce for over 60 years.

Steel, Tool Steel, Brass , PH/Bronze, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Tufnal and All Plastics

Diameters from 3mm(0.25inches) – 600mm (24inches)

We manufacture bevel gears to any Pitch DP, MOD, CP

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Brentwin Gear Company, Upper Chapel Street, Tividale, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2HS

Please call us with any specific requirements, we will undertake any bespoke projects from one-offs to mass production.