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Racks are commonly used with a pinion – a spur gear. The combination of the two convert rotary motion into linear motion.

Both the rack and the pinion have straight cut teeth.

Example uses of rack and pinion gears are to open the flap gates on canal lock gates, in the steering mechanism of cars, and cog railways.

We can manufacture racks to any pitch.

For pinions please see our Spur Gears page

Steel, Tool Steel, Brass , PH/Bronze, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Tufnal and All Plastics

From 0-2 Metres. Upto 130mm(5inches) thick

Any Pitch DP, MOD, CP, Special Form Teeth (e.g. Stub, Serration)

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Please call us with any specific requirements, we will undertake any bespoke projects from one-offs to mass production.