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Worm Gears and Wheels

Worm drives are used to reduce speed and increase torque.

The drive uses a worm to mesh with a worm gear or  worm wheel.

The worm is similar to a screw and the worm wheel similar to a spur gear. The two gears are meshed with their drive shafts at 90o to each other.

Unlike other gear systems where the direction of transmission can be reversed, the worm is used to turn the gear but the gear cannot be used to turn the worm.

This self-locking property of worm drives is used in many applications as a braking sysem.

We can manufacture Worm Wheels up to 1000mm (40inches) O/D and Worms up to 125mm (5inches) O/D


  • Worm Wheels  – Brass, PH/Bronze
  • Worms – Steel, EN3C, EN24, Hardened and can also be ground
  • Worm Wheels – up to 1000mm(40inches) O/D
  • Worms – up to 125mm(5inches) O/D


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